Infragize Team Building Workshops

Team Building Workshops


Nicole Hilton- HR Supervisor, KEMET Electronics:

“The Cushman Group did an excellent job conducting Infragize™ team building sessions. Their program offers a unique approach to improving team interaction and is also a good motivational tool. I also like the informative summary they provided after the sessions and the fact that they periodically follow-up on our teams progress. I recommend these Infragize™ sessions to any organization looking for a more creative way to strengthen teams. Infragize™ is not your typical team building training! “

A truly successful team is one in which each member feels part of something larger than him or herself. Certainly each member should have a clear understanding of the objectives of the team and its place within an organization. But while understanding the big picture is critical, individuals often need more than just that to feel cohesive.

Infragize™ provides a unique foundation for developing and maintaining a successful team. Using a proprietary approach that leverages elements of pop culture, Infragize™ creates an environment, which fosters unity among team members to accomplish overall objectives


Recognizing the importance of minimizing interruption from work and/or other team activities, Infragize™ is conducted in either one-half or one-day sessions. Key input from team members is obtained upfront, prior to the start of the Infragize™ session. This enables the Infragize™ staff to develop a team-building session based on the unique needs of that specific team. Team members’ participation time in the actual session is maximized, versus their waiting until the session begins before important data collection takes place.

Unlike many other team-building programs, Infragize™ stays in touch with the team to enforce the sense of cohesiveness members experience in the initial session.

Infragize™ founder and president Brooks Knobel notes “The organizations utilizing the Infragize™ approach report that teams are positively engaged by the experience. In fact, that is how the name Infragize™ was coined…we identified the need for team-based organizations to ‘energize their infrastructure’ to maximize results. Team cohesiveness is vital to so many organizations—from corporations to civic groups to church leadership and boards of directors. Infragize™ sessions identify the unique team-building components required for success for each individual organization.”

To discuss having an Infragize™ come to your location and conduct Infragize™ sessions anywhere in the world, please contact and we will happily send you a proposal