Market Research


Market Research Services

The Cushman Group Inc. prides itself on being the place clients choose when they need a CRM/Business Analytics or market research solution. Our core research services are as follows:

  • Ad Testing/Brand Image & Awareness Testing
  • CRM/Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty Research
  • In-Lobby Intercepts & Mystery Shops
  • Moderation – AC Nielsen/Burke Institute moderators
  • Mall Intercept Research (Nationwide)
  • Event Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Political Research
  • Mock Jury Recruitment
  • Music Testing/Recording Artist Research Product/Packaging Testing
  • Site Validation/Feasibility Research


Audience & Lead Generation

The Cushman Group also offers B2B Audience and Lead Generation throughout the US. Leverage our expertise in helping identify your target market, focusing your message to  influence decision-makers in that market, and delivering your prospects closer to point-of-sale. We do everything from phone invitations to confirmation calls, and follow-up effectiveness measurement campaigns. To request a proposal, please email and let us help deliver the right audience to your event or the right buyer to your product/service.